Rocket League, but with Super Mario.

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    Super Mario Rocket Legaue Kart... or so.
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    Mario Kart 64 Trap Remix by aylenofficial


    Sprites from ripped by:
    Raccoon Sam, Orange Yoshi, Kakashi, Jouw, Angelglory, Mattdog1000000, Spriter Frario, DemonWarrior, Royce/Bluxxon, jdaster64, NICKtendo DS, Mr.G, A.J. Nitro, ShadeDBZ, HICCUP, Manwich, Glukom, Luigirulz, Mageker

    Thank you sooooo much guys, once again!

    Special Thanks to:

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    1. Гусь с RTX

      @8G9E это не логично!!11111!1

    2. Zemzei

      is this rumble :D

    3. kinda silent guy

      I li,e the pikmin just walking throught the field

    4. Gacha Block

      Rocket kart !

    5. Mixelsfan777 - Null's Brawl

      Who here came from among us

    6. Uninteresting Internet Person

      Is Petey The Pirannha Plant a real playable character?

    7. JJFBlaster

      Still wondering how this got noticed by Guinness...

    8. thedingboat

      This is phenomenal. 11/10 would recommend times 10.

    9. SuperNova

      0:40 me when i waiting the ball for air dribling

    10. 3LIX64

      "With Super Mario" *Shows Link*

    11. Jaron

      I came from the Wold record book 2017 gamers edition

    12. Gabriel Rodrigues

      So street racer for snes

    13. 김두성

      0:55 blue,yellow,white pikmin and a red bouborb

    14. Dezső Bata

      I just realized while watching this a second time that this was uploaded on my birthday two years ago.

    15. ThatREDDYBoi

      0:54 M a y o says Hoo Hoo

    16. Andesaurus


    17. Comic Cub

      Where's Totodile in the crowd?

    18. GensoTV - One Piece

      Please make such a game!

    19. Andrés Sánchez Váldez

      Funny story it became true

    20. Rajibu

      @Nintendo why isn't this a thing yet???

    21. Pixalmated

      Holy cow that's really creative!

    22. Sans The Skeleton

      This is the reason why rocket league now has a Mario car XD

    23. Ragical Plays

      For something made from mostly 2D sprites this is amazingly 3D and very cool to boot. Well done!

      1. Ragical Plays

        Gentlemen... I actually can't remember how long I've had this avatar. Probably ever since TF2 was released, I guess :P

      2. The Pixel Kingdom

        Thanks so much! Btw I love TheSpy! I called myself on Steam ISpy 😅👌

    24. CeeEmGee 03

      There are like 5 Kirbys in the crowd lol 🤣

    25. Pixel Game Squad

      I THOUGHT IT WAS A REAL GAME! lol Nice job

    26. noob oof

      who will win?

    27. Reacting Maniac

      This video is in the world record book of vg

    28. TrashyPOOPS

      Mario kart wii, rocket league, undertale as profile pic, my life is complete

    29. AngelCam7

      If they ever make a Rocket League for the Switch, I hope it's something like that. XD

    30. kodokush

      That fucking music tho

    31. Murdoc

      i wish this was a real game XD

    32. Cian Davies2003

      This is mentioned in Guinness World Records 2017.

      1. yeezus


      2. PunnerGamerNerd

        thats where i came from lol

      3. bootleg


    33. Sezo Dezo

      how long it took you to do this video ? :D

    34. Nikitas Vostanis

      this video is on the guinness world records gamers edition of 2017

      1. The Pixel Kingdom

        +Nikitas Vostanis Thanks so much for the info Nikitas. That is pretty cool, I missed it. :)

    35. Hique


    36. Rei Pedro Games


    37. Longplay Letsplay

      Cool video, I also have 1080p HD 60fps Widescreen Longplays Letsplays of classic retro games with upgraded visuals and graphics on my channel :)

    38. Jonas RL 1K

      Que foda!

    39. Artemiy Berezhnoy


    40. noicvo

      Wer kommt von rbtv? :D

    41. Nobody Important

      Who else came here from ETC News?

    42. mvvrten

      So nice! Good idea :D

    43. Windwalker88

      Amazing video, looks like a great game too play

    44. ZRovas117


    45. Alex Reviews and Stuff

      etc news brought me here

    46. Chris Carlson

      I saw this on News Dump. I loved the video. New subscriber.

    47. Danny Vasquez

      It's the TUGS theme song!

    48. EdKMusic


    49. ThatOneGuyWhoComments.

      etc brut meh here.

    50. Benjamin Cloutier

      Thanks News Dump!

    51. Aristotle

      Aaaaaannnnnnndddd subcribed.

    52. SpaceOtaku

      For the love of god someone please make a RL mod of this

    53. James Phelan

      Ayy thats pretty good

    54. Individu λambda

      that's why we need this game on nx.

    55. Dayno000


    56. claudia dinorah alcorta obregon

      as mas no nomas eso

    57. Serve75


    58. Zalym Biscayn

      That was quite enjoyable, thanks for your work. :)

    59. comfortablynumb

      that was awesome, i want to see more something like that

    60. FedasoZ

      OMG awesome

    61. Riham Rah

      wow! This is def somethin i would play, like every day :O

    62. Mr.Panda Geek

      quem veio pelo gamerover? hu3hu3brbr

      1. Daniel Jesus

        Meu vô!

    63. Lauro

      krai, q foda / wow, that's amazing

    64. Gabriel

      game over só eu?

    65. AnimeFanFTW

      This is the best video ever made on GEtwo. Not even kidding. This is freaking perfect.

    66. Kevin Cruz

      ok Nintendo, what are you waiting for?

    67. J

      Very nice! :)

    68. Kimeki


    69. Psycho

      1:09 That's going straight in my montage

    70. 王鉴尧


    71. Butzenmummel

      Nice video, but this ugly remix doesnt fit to the video

    72. Parkros Parkros

      good job! but I don't like rocket league...

    73. johana toledo


    74. Vladimir Podgorbunskiy

      Вот это кал! Аццтой.

    75. Kobus Brits

      This. Is. Awesome!

    76. Shirt RL


    77. Hackel hack

      You expressed love and/or creativity or Nintendo! Congratulations! You'll be receiving a DMCA take-down request in a few short moments. Thank you for playing Nintendo.

    78. MattPlays

      So many memories :)

    79. Guts Hill

      I give this shit a month before nintendo tries to kill it. But , it is friggin awesome.

    80. Wisllay Vitrio

      Nice Shot!

    81. Jeiky Vortex


    82. xero-kewl

      OMG I sooo want this as a real game. Please make it happen! :-)

    83. X7

      make it happen Nintendo...

    84. Magitroopa

      So awesome!!! I love it!

    85. That Nicko Guy

      That was so amazing

    86. Gamedraco

      Love that it ends with an own goal.

    87. The Hylianer

      Awesome :D

    88. BlackVorteX

      very nice

    89. Grim Bonkers

      Do want.

    90. JasonBlue32X


    91. Dr. Fail

      ZU GEIL meine Kindheit Remasterd in HD ^^ BITTE umsetzten :D

    92. bladexdsl

      LOL make this NAO nintendo!

    93. Blake The Destroyer

      y link in the vid and y link have toon link voice?

    94. Nate D

      That was really neat man!

    95. bayrock

      Kickstarter incoming??

    96. xxMaxunitxx

      How about: THIS NEEDS TO BE A REAL GAME! Awesome!

    97. col. hapablap

      Nice shot!

    98. creamgravy1

      I keep expecting Snoop Dogg and that Wow ;) guy.

    99. J Martin

      If Rocket League ever comes to the Nintendo NX, I swear to god it had better put this in.

    100. Kevin H.

      Play it at 2x speed for the true Rocket League experience!