Pokémon vs. Angry Birds - Lugia

The Pixel Kingdom

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    Well, that escalated quickly! ^-^
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    1. Ray

      This is so nostalgic oh my god

    2. Jana Hees

      Okay how is lugia in a normal pokeball

    3. Lordeevee

      Just realized the first three digits of the high score make up Lugia's Pokedex number

    4. Braxton Burzenski

      those pigs are fine

    5. DreamyDomo


    6. DreamyDomo


    7. Vicente Barria


    8. Marshadow Studios ledgends

      Rip pigs

    9. Taryn Aurelia

      Lugia *IS* an Angry Bird

    10. Jah Alvarez

      Woah 😎😎😎. That was bright

    11. Tony Spike

      Basically fuck you - the move

    12. Jaydes

      Is there some way I can Download it on to my phone

    13. Bluelightning989

      Should've used Aeroblast instead...

    14. thuyphuong tran

      Some how that lugia was caugh in a pokeball.......

    15. Jacob Raniel Salen

      legends are good at this

    16. Nishiga Hara

      A wild Diglett appeared.

    17. Zer0__P0int__


    18. Mariah Wessell


    19. HuzzBon


    20. Primarina From Pokémon Alola

      God Luiga is rare

    21. Revenant

      *Why the heck is lugia in a pokeball*

      1. Mike Harward


      2. MegaMr46

        Everybody gets one

      3. The Fancy Rat

        Where is the master ball

      4. Christopher Chasteen

        +Kawii Puff, Must've gotten Chuggaconroy's luck in catching Legendaries in normal Poke Balls.... except the main Gen 1 trio in Platinum.

      5. Zer0__P0int__

        Raichu Pokemon btw I have a shadow lugia in a pokeball XD

    22. Sandra Perez


    23. Swetha Caroline Silver


    24. Swetha Caroline Silver


    25. #fallout lel


    26. Oscar Carrasco

      Lugia doesn't fuck around

    27. Katrina Vanderhulst

      make a video like this but pokemon vs zombies 2

      1. Blake the Online Cloud Nine

        I think you mean Pokémon vs Zombies vs Microtransactions

      2. DFR Infra Pvt Ltd

        Brian Vanderhulst

      3. The Pixel Kingdom

        +Brian Vanderhulst I'm almost done, I'll upload it pretty soon. (:

    28. Katrina Vanderhulst

      make a video like this but pokemon vs zombies 2

      1. Seiya Octavio


    29. Mr.butter Lol


    30. HipStar Productions

      How Was This Better Than Mewtwo?!

    31. Duarte Santos

      who's watching this in 2016?

      1. The Bio Library

        TonyTheEarRapeing Clock meh

      2. Luke Hornsey


    32. ThoricLawyer

      I liked Lugia's song

    33. Lugia

      Nah thats not right, just push everything and donem

    34. D1770 :3

      ummm diglett say dig u diglett:dig u made a cave

    35. Jxeio

      wow, catching Lugia in a normal pokeball? talk about determination.....

      1. Park Chimmy

        Its a fact i caught a moltres using a pokèball in delugerpg....

      2. Sans The Skeleton -

        thats the fact when i caught rayquayza with a normal pokeball

    36. Kyle TZZFF

      How is this more intense than Mewtwo?!

    37. Cute Youtube

      That pòkemon that just say piku

    38. toantoi Luong

      I chose you mewtwo

    39. Tommy Zhan

      got im

    40. Boris and Friends

      Next time on shoop da woop is luigas firing his lazor luiga:I'M FIRING MAH LAZOR

    41. 23-10A7 Trần Văn Long


    42. Michael Reynolds

      Like if you were hopping that you would see the bottom of diglet

      1. Kyle TZZFF

        Nah, I was *hoping* to see the bottom of Diglet.

    43. *Insert Original Username Here*


      1. Kyle TZZFF

        Well, you can't choose incorrectly (unless you chose Magikarp.)

    44. Lautaro Umbert

      holy crap magikarp idiot pokemon

    45. DragonRider425

      Diglett for the Win!

    46. Keth Armstrong

      Hollllllllyyy crap!!!!!😱

    47. Nevan

      Diglet wins!

    48. Wan Agus

      Do deoxys next

    49. Raven May

      And that is why Lugia will always be my favorite :3

    50. Xoakoz

      Lugia is the new Haxarous

    51. NScaleTransitModels(lolfunnycp)

      lugia is awesome!!!

    52. Tudo Misturado

      Nerf that pls

    53. Purmple

      Please tell me how you caught Lugia with a Pokeball

      1. Corthmic

        Hundreds of throws, countless uses of Hypnosis.

    54. ConJakPre

      Ok op lol

    55. Felipe Souza

      wtf?!! you video of swith

    56. Alex L

      Lugia is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    57. TheTylerAndKayleeChannel

      An Aerodactyl Fossil

    58. Silver Dixie

      Lugia was like "IMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR!!!" xD

    59. danielle gibson

      Diglel eee he is gay because he teabag a rat

      1. Super Megur

        @danielle gibson The cringe is real over here.

    60. Robert99914

      The best

    61. thatpokemoninmybed

      how did you catch it with a pokeball

      1. Allosaurus

        action replay? XD

      2. Shrek The Ogre

        Mad skillz

    62. Magnedactyl


    63. petitcitron2852

      249'000 points :p Hahaha Lugia

    64. Bo Bosschert

      the diglet is the best part

    65. Detrolord

      Man Diglet my fav pokemon

    66. quetzal perzabal

      NAILED IT!

    67. nintendodragon77

      Lugia: mmm yummy bacon

    68. Armando Lonigro


    69. Tekno

      Lugia is the beast of the sea not the solar beam god geez kid get your fax straight

      1. James Dor

        that was hyperbeam and you can use attacks out of your type. Lugia isn't even water type he's psychic/Flying

    70. dogg0nit

      There's sure a lot of strategy to this level

    71. William

      lol skeleton aerodactyl

    72. SakamaruNetoi

      -picks up Ancient Mew card- How it all began... and how it will begin, again.

    73. William Angels Gaming

      Lugia Just went "ILL FIRE MA LAZOR!"

      1. Raelarial Skystriker

        I've haven't heard that meme in over 15 years

      2. Zane Dizon

        Lugia shooped the woop

    74. insomniacy

      why the hell lugia use laser like that . lugia is ice typeisnt he?

      1. Hawkkiller2

        @E4439Qv5 Shoot! My evil plot has failed! Go to Plan B! Blow up Russia! (No offense to Russia, but China always gets targeted with these lines...)

      2. E4439qv5

        I wasn't suffering. And I _did_ know, I was just messin' with ya. Thanks though.

      3. Hawkkiller2

        @E4439Qv5 Lugia is a Flying-Psychic. I think it's been long enough I let you suffer not knowing that.

      4. E4439qv5

        And Hyper Beam is a powerful Normal-type attack. Maybe Lugia is a Normal-type???

      5. o0cacoto0o

        that attack was Hyper Beam and lugia is one of the pokemon that can learn such an attack. It was also the attack he used in pokemon 2000.

    75. Mouse


    76. Thierry TV


    77. Iago Greque

      yesss oh baby

    78. TheRedPika

      Everybody saw it.

    79. awesomeradical2

      error game crashed due to missingno appearing

    80. Meral Karasu


    81. KriChie Shake

      lol diglet

    82. cognitiveAfflatus

      This one is the best. (Get it look at my user name plus I caught my lugia in a pokeball too)

    83. Xjanful

      Am I the only one who picked this first?

    84. PixelUniverse64


    85. Jack Dolan

      Thumbs up if you saw Diglett!

    86. AzFastAzLightning

      Xerneas used Camouflage! Xerneas became a grass type! "No one will ever suspect I'm a bush in the background." Oh, but I did.

    87. Belothra

      Over Kill much?

    88. victoryTTV

      Who noticed the Aerodactyl fossil and the digglett

    89. MinecraftMinun


    90. Patrick Camana

      Fuck yea 1 hit k.o it woulve been great if thats at games

    91. Penguin2207

      It is not that easy to three star an angry birds level, even if you use Pokemon.

    92. Infuhasmovedtoanotherchannelthatisntlinkedtogoogle+

      Well its clearly a coincidence.

    93. nintendofangirldad


    94. Infuhasmovedtoanotherchannelthatisntlinkedtogoogle+

      No dude no. Repels have no effect on catching legendaries.

    95. Infuhasmovedtoanotherchannelthatisntlinkedtogoogle+

      No dude no. Repels have no effect on catching legendaries.

    96. Infuhasmovedtoanotherchannelthatisntlinkedtogoogle+

      Max repel is made for repelling pokemon under the level of your current ''chosen'' pokemon. Not for an easier catch. Have you even played pokemon?

    97. Cyrust

    98. Ozzmand

      mmmm why max repel?

    99. nickbotful

      epic XD

    100. Chung Seiker

      Lugia > Mighty Eagle