Pokémon GO IN REAL LIFE! | Catching MEWTWO

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    BEWARE: This video is just a fun animation. ;P
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    Random Talking Bush, Noobe & MJ
    Thank you guys!

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    1. Kyra Gráfica

      q qw

    2. dirtynd


    3. 구본근


    4. 구본근


    5. holina anal

      he is so stupid i hate this boy

    6. Parrot!

      The last Pokemon he catched was mewtwo

    7. Edgard Távora


    8. Klogirl

      Mewtwo can’t do that

    9. Minijetlizard

      I remember seeing this 4 Years ago, such nostalgia

    10. kof0605

      0:12 best shot xd

    11. Ninja boi

      0:36 master ball rain... :/

    12. Muna Ahmed

      Mewtwo caterpie

    13. BMxamong123


    14. Pea Pea

      Ok in the end 😂

    15. Nicky W

      Hehehe, you look like you were having fun.😊

    16. Paty Diaz

      Este esta chistoso

    17. Gam3plaz


    18. abi juega roblox

      That really happened!?

    19. leon

      poor shooting

    20. DogeHvH

      Is it just me who’s still playing Pokémon go ?

      1. Rarez


    21. LUCAS Barrera


    22. Sr. Pao

      Why you still screaming?

    23. Rodrigo Álvarez Faraldo

      WOW i like you edition

    24. TG_Cosmic Raven

      Bruh this so fake LOL

    25. man do

      0:48 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*DIE R.I.P phone*

      1. man do

        Tidy Cjgcfxhjjgfjcxjchffhcigtftufhxfdffhhfdjffj

      2. man do


    26. omar mobarek


    27. Phinn Miawrr

      Guy: *misses Master Ball* Me: Impossible

    28. gabenn_

      Imagine if Pokémon GO was that realistic

    29. Bakugou Katsuki

      no such thing as master ball yet

    30. ヅJed

      And this is why you shouldn’t use ar mode

    31. coolfrog652

      0:27 this is so scary at conputer screen

    32. Yesenia Martinez

      That scream😂😂😂

    33. Zane


    34. Yoshi Kid

      The pidgey part scared me

    35. Gampleys de call of duty


    36. real   XD dream

      Ok lol

    37. real   XD dream

      0:48 what the hell

    38. Sam Wigg

      that's a private pokemon go

    39. larsoginge

      Fake des not pokemon og

    40. H

      The masterball is 100% capture,and masterball is not on the game and if masterball is in the game,you wold receive only 1

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    46. M&S LEARNING CENTER Connie

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    50. Şana Türk


    51. Poke Brody

      This is fake

    52. RevanSlashes

      I remember watching this years ago when everyone was addicted to pokemon go and it had just come out.

    53. Epic Gamer3000

      Big clickbai but seems ligit

    54. John gamer lol

      Más falso que mi hermano que tiene novia

    55. Shaggy

      This is fake

    56. Mohamed

      After 3 years GEtwo: Lets recomend

    57. 빠잉


    58. Faisal Abdulaziz

      BADWORD 😡🙎🏻‍♂️😠😤👎🏻👺👿

    59. Neal Addams

      Trainer code: 9239 9375 3516 I send gifts everyday.

    60. ThePugPond

      CEO of infinite master balls

    61. ZachGames 2011


      1. Raphaël D

        Dude, it's a joke...

    62. Die Quinnkracht

      0:41 OH SHIT 😂

    63. Die Quinnkracht

      Dis Guy is the baddest is trowing 😅😂😂

    64. angel30 fire


    65. Jorge Augusto


    66. Dino GamerTDS


    67. Natalia Luongo

      Hi I'm from Australia. Please add me as a friend on the pokemon go app. Trainer code: 6069 1653 5565

    68. 팁리더


    69. 渋茶渋茶


    70. Marcele Vieira Souza

      Oi olha a confusão

    71. Lissa Van Den Heuvel

      this is fake cuz pokemon GO still does not have masterballs

    72. wahab ali

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    73. Little MatCat

      So click bait

    74. GIAN GAMES

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    81. TheWiseGuy4ehv

      It’s fake mewtwo is not in Pokémon Go

      1. Zarbido 2235

        Dumb it's a joke

      2. Raphaël D

        Yes it is, and this video is what we call a joke

    82. Xx shadow xX

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    83. Dratini_Masterwut

      Fake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Zarbido 2235

        You dumb it's a joke

    84. Vito Van Den Berghe


      1. Zarbido 2235

        You stupid it's a joke

    85. Bartek Trybuła

      Ja mam metwo z ex raid

    86. gaming channel. (LGFL)

      If it really did happen , the player could get in trouble

    87. lightz


      1. Zarbido 2235

        You dumb it's a joke

    88. Señor Tohru


      1. Zarbido 2235

        You so stupid it's a joke

    89. Alexandre Bonfanti


    90. Captain Fun

      When u panic and start throwing tons of master balls that were expensive to get

    91. 유토피아

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    92. 석규민


    93. Master Mxx


      1. Zarbido 2235

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    94. JBbarr

      Fake af

      1. Zarbido 2235

        You stupid it's a joke

    95. 千葉政子


    96. ‎‎A

      I already have Mewtwo 🤦‍♂️

    97. Guilherme Pinto

      Ahahaha so funny😂! Now we have real mewtwo in the game😂❤

    98. Santiago Aguilera

      era re manco para tirar una Master ball XD

    99. gegkson


    100. くるーにーじょーび