Game Boy Advance [GBA] Games in Real Life

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    Here we go again! This time with a love letter to some GBA games featured in real-life versions. Let's revisit Mario, Link, Isaac and more. ►FB it!

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    ► Music by:
    Shawn Garlick aka Kherr (Rainbow Bot Remix DIY), Thank you!

    ► Special Thanks to:
    Ken B. for some great advice!

    ► Sprites from:
    •Mario vs. Donkey Kong, ripped by
    Deekman, MarioH20, Mario Gamer
    •Golden Sun, ripped by
    Daent Wolf, Davias, Stefan M., Dark Mech, Cirdek
    •The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, ripped by
    Barubary, Peltos, Fleeka, Bacon, Sonikku
    •Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, ripped by
    A.J. Nitro, jdaster64, Ryan914, Sblaka
    •Advance Wars, ripped by
    Ryan914, Rogultgot
    •Metal Slug, ripped by
    •Wario Ware Inc.: Mega Microgames!

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    1. Giovanni Prato Salas

      There was someone caled Freddy fazbear from fnaf

    2. Baran Göger


    3. Just wanting to make people smile.

      Ahhhh golden sun such a great game

    4. Ângelo ak


    5. Gotham Knight

      Now this is a blast from the past, thanks for making this wonderful video! The GBA is my fave, I still have mine from childhood

    6. chocoblin

      i really need a great rpg of this caliber. the dof is such an awesome thing to include in top down rpgs! for example the octopath traveler

    7. Nico Dïaz

      2020??? 2021?? 2022??

    8. Elvie Aquino

      1:00 is that from Mario and Luigi superstar saga?

    9. Schyzo Frêne

      Dat Warioware reference

    10. Aubergine Man

      i was gonna say wheres warioware but i realized its on the end.

    11. AurumZenoHX

      Man... Woulda loved to see Fire Emblem, Megaman Zero and Megaman Battle Network in there... Good stuff nonetheless!

    12. Adasfsable

      Finds echt schade dass du so wenig Aufrufe hast. Klasse Videos, verdienst mehr Aufmerksamkeit.

    13. Judy Finley

      is it weird that as a 13 yr old i got almost all of those references?

      1. The Pixel Kingdom

        +Judy Finley It's great, nice taste! (:

    14. Mhaque

      So confusing :/

      1. The 1-Up Bros


    15. hirschlord

      pls help nintendo to make them games look more like this :D

    16. Amayraaa

      GOLDEN SUN! 3

    17. Franco

      where pokemon?

    18. Martin Alexander

      Why the hell don't any developers make any games like that?! The gimmick alone would make it sell decently, and I would assume that it would cut down on development time and costs! Would it not??

    19. Mr. Otaku

      Wha? No love for Castlevania? Lame. :(

    20. MOBY Velidae

      That was confusing! I didn't understand, what's happened! :D (Sig:

    21. Amadeus

      CoooL !!!!

    22. Lexyvil

      Okay, seeing Advance Wars on there made my day! It's awesome to see that it gets recognition! Epic video for sure!

      1. Niku the Meat

        No much recognition? You must be joking.

    23. Microwave

      my favorite GBA game, pokemon sapphire, isn't here >:(

    24. The Biting Irish

      These are practically classics now.

    25. Kota

      Golden Sun!!!

      1. valdineia silva


      2. Joe R.

        +xabierbn Agreed!

      3. Falgor

        @Dakota Hicks Nintendo, gib us Golden Sun 4 plz. ;-;

      4. xabierbn

        golden sun is the fucking best game ever (except 3º part)

    26. RandomPrussian1871


    27. bill cipher

      Its very pixel

      1. gouldx100

        +bill cipher Oh mah God, it's BILL he's gon take over Soos' or Wendy's bodyy

    28. iBIONICLE

      this waz awsome

    29. Zyronl TZ

      advance wars is awesome and since i hack my phone to download GBA games onto it and play i know all those games lol

    30. Thierry TV

      Best minute and three quaters of my life

    31. Hadaward Pülschen


    32. caio takemura

      what game are 1:26

    33. Mark Anthony Ramirez

      Wow! The Pixel Kingdom

    34. Gabriel Billskog

      ive watched all your videos theyre AMAZING! (subbed)

    35. superjudisodu

      advance wars

    36. The Pixel Kingdom

      Thank you Nix! (=

    37. Purple Baroness

      Your videos are very cool! really!

    38. The Pixel Kingdom

      Soon. (=

    39. pgj1997

      Do NES!

    40. Medicina Uvm

      is metal slug

    41. The Cubi

      What game is 1:19

    42. Anes Mesic

      WOW. Just WOW. Keep the good work up man. Please keep it up.

    43. Lemuel Nájera

      asombroso asombroso asombroso te mereces un premio que creatividad que bellezaque imaginacion

    44. julian reua

      Was war das 2 Spiel?

    45. Ninten2Dragon

      Minish Cap

    46. Chaca laca

      Game one

    47. K

      Ich hab dich grad in Gameone gesehen

    48. Yabazaki

      So geilll

    49. Npc# 234818

      Man das ist echte Kunst. +Sub Hoffe auf weitere wunderbare Videos. =)

    50. Ilikan


    51. Ilikan


    52. Paul Meserole

      loved the Advance Wars part

    53. BrzePascal

      Das game bei 1.20 kenn ich ziemlich gut^^

    54. theUlGuy

      Wer kann das schon disliken ?!

    55. Cookie Luc

      Du warst schon bei Game One!

    56. Feli Huhu

      Coole idee

    57. Rem Tilak

      Wahnsinn! Das ist richtig gut gemacht. :-D

    58. Kyrie Hartmann

      Golden Sun.

    59. SuperManyBoyYogikiller Das Super LP


    60. André Felipe

      Which game is that at 0:32?

    61. Gio

      Amazing all my fav games

    62. Eric V

      Mario & Luigi : Superstar Saga ! Eines meiner absoluten Lieblingsspiele ^^

    63. Eric V

      It's Advance Wars, a really awesome strategy game ^^

    64. MaVonne Williams

      Roses are Red Violents are blue The description is english Uploader comments should be too

    65. Milky Way Real Estate

      Advance Wars

    66. jumbomuffin404

      What's the army one?

    67. Milky Way Real Estate

      Oh look! My childhood got out of it's cage...

    68. Jay Basnet Videos

      wirklich? Das hätte ich nicht erwartet!

    69. LucaTheStar

      Das macht es irgendwie verständlicher, dass du von GAMEONE promotet wurdest :D

    70. Karbonite Kyla

      Mario and luigi superstar saga!! My first video game

    71. Davishuu Toc.

      Golden Sun and Advance Wars *-*

    72. nintendopwns11

      Advance wars the best handheld game ever made

    73. Jack Irwin

      uh pokemon ?

    74. Psychoxbutterfly

      Golden Sun

    75. Uthuriel

      Golden Sun ♥

    76. larrythebomb5001

      because they were in a forest? haha they can all summon whomever!!!

    77. Jose Quintanilla

      why did garret summon cybelle? should have been a mars summon

    78. BurntToast12

      No Kirby? You Sure?.... Ok..........

    79. DmCsoundtrackHD

      Cooles video^^ köntest du was mit Sonic machen wäre cool^^

    80. fiddlelol

      Ich will nen Advance wars Film :€

    81. Sinxstacos

      i loved the mario and luigi part

    82. Crowbar

      No metroid

    83. Carlos

      This song is from the music maker in Warioware on GBA.

    84. Dayco96

      Golden Sun

    85. rowyne madayag

      Legend of Zelda the song of the wind fish?

    86. CanadianExcalibur

      what, no fire emblem?

    87. Atif Majeed

      I have 5 0

    88. Weaponsomasscreation

      I was NOT expecting Golden Sun here. Yay for the best game ever.

    89. Emty

      is ja voll nerdig hey warte ich bin ja einer xD nice vid

    90. InPepe

      mario und luigi superstar saga hab ich schöne erinnerungen ^.^ schon ur oft durchgespielt *-*

    91. TheNavid02

      Y no Pokemon

    92. [ミント少年]malo

      Minish Cap

    93. GenesisFX (CLOSED! Im Umbau)

      ich finde irgendwie das es viel schwieriger aussieht so pixel animationen zu machen als normale...darf man mal wissen welche programme du benutzt?

    94. Justine Tolle

      schon geil dein video

    95. Iceberge101

      Cookie! :D

    96. MegaKamtheman

      yay golden sun

    97. Treety on Rampage.

      Golden Suuuun *____*

    98. OneColdRepublican

      The last one was the best...You should react a famous war using Advance Wars stuff...But ya know with your own litte twist... ;)

    99. odeforodds

      Man, This video is really made beautifully. Love it :)

    100. wavezz

      Bei so viel Motiontracking und der Renderzeit würd ich mich glaub ich erhängen ^^